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The World’s Largest Eco-Theme Park

The World’s Largest Eco-Theme Park seats on 328 hectares of private island space. Spanning over 300 hectare of a natural eco-park boasts a thematic haven rich in biodiversity where one can enjoy its natural setting. A diverse range of exciting attractions and a multi-million integrated ecological playground awaits guests who love nature. The island provides various outdoor activities, thrilling adventure from sailing, snorkelling, diving, nature walks, spas, dining and clubbing.

A remarkable “Eco-theme park” experience is mainly contributed by the natural geographic formations of its location within the beautiful islands of Riau. True to its form, Riau Islands is endowed with abundant tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and interesting indigenous culture. The sea is essential in these islands as a place for locals to fish and to trade. The perfect place to conjure the concept of an Eco- theme park as it has all the natural ingredients for a heavenly perfect destination. A refreshing treat for the nature-lover, who truly appreciate under the sea adventure and forest ride


Avatar is the manifestation of your deepest imagination…

The Avatar Habitat features various bird species, each different but equally majestic in their feathered glory as they soar in the skies. You can hold and feed these winged friends such as Birds of Prey, Parrots and Lorries.

Get to know mysterious nocturnal birds such as owls with a mesmerizing silent flight demonstration. And explore The Avatar in a night trail with the Avatar Night Vision Goggle.
The Baobab Treetop Promenade is also located inside the attraction to start the avatar walk-through experience.
A lush rainforest filled with abundant flora and fauna, the sights, sounds and interaction will assail your senses in a huge way. Embrace the calming effects of being surrounded by nature all around. As you meet new creatures in their glorious home, this promises to be a journey that you will always remember.
Get up close and personal with various monkeys species set in a beautiful rain forest where they live in total freedom. Their acrobatic moves and antics are an entertaining sight to behold.
Explore the amazing mangrove forest by boat. Take a leisurely ride with the whole family on an exploratory river adventure by the Mangroves.

Listen to a natural symphony as you meet different flora and fauna in the Riau Jungle Explorer and glimpse into a breath-taking sea life view of freshwater fishes. One of the largest freshwater fishes in the world which is the Arapaima are featured in this cool attraction, these giants can reach 9 feet (2.75 meters) long and weigh up to 440 pounds (200 kilograms).

Though arapaima’s can stay underwater for 10 to 20 minutes, they tend to remain near the water's surface, where they hunt and emerge often to breathe with a coughing noise. To give a thrill in this attraction, crocodiles are seen in the distance. These tropical species have been around for about 55 million years. Many species are on a brink of extinction so special care is given to conserve these ferocious creatures.

The crystal clear waters of Funtasy Island allow for easy viewing of the fascinating underwater world of the underwater coast, which is home to an assortment of marine life including colourful tropical fish and stingrays. The place is just magnificent for every diving or snorkelling enthusiasts. Explore underwater marvels in Aquanaut sea walking or go island exploring in an exhilarating boat ride.

The Deep Ocean Wonder is designed to provide insight in almost all sea species that can be found in Asia. The DEEP OCEAN aspires to house famous myriad of sea creatures in 25,000 cubic meters of water.

Aside from about seven shark species, you will be able to find about 3,500 other kinds of fish and aquatic life in this aquarium native to the ocean and the seas of Riau Island. Enjoy your leisurely swim with the Whale Sharks.


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