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  Core Values of Eco-Tourism at Funtasy Island  

Four Core Values are Well Followed at our Island
1. Preserve the Natural Habitat of Plants and Animals
2. Keep, Maintain and Promote Local Culture
3. Reserve and Maintain the Natural Environment (Sustainability)
4. Promote Education for Eco-Tourism
What Do We Do to Promote the Four Core Values?
To promote the Eco -Tourism, we put many efforts of protecting ecology and environment in our island during the development.
1. To Preserve the Natural Habitat of Plants and Animals, we (1)plant mangroves; (2)put special structures to attract small fishes and dolphins; (3)cultivate corals; (4)preserve the original habitat for the animals; (5)have strict rules of no fishing; (6)plant one coral per visitor.
Photos for above activities:
(1) At the start of developing our island, we planted 4000 mangrove trees.
(2) We are working with fishermen to build structures using compacted palm tree leaves and put it around the island for growth of algae to attract small fishes, which will in turn attract dolphins around the area. (Please click below link to view wild dolphins in our island: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ4XjLaL_MI )

(Palm tree structure used at Funtasy Island)
(3) We use some of the corals which naturally grow around the island to plant and cultivate more corals around the island.
It will become a marine park in 3-5 years.
Below photos are our Coral Farm and some corals which are planted underneath the Sea of Funtasy Island.
(4) We preserve the original habitat for the animal in and around the island as well as marine animal such as eagles, otters, crabs.
(Otter Swimming in Clear Water at Funtasy Island)
(Sand Crab on White Sand Beach at Funtasy Island)
(Egretta Intermedia at Funtasy Island)
(Mangrove kingfisher at Funtasy Island)
(Crabs at Funtasy Island)
(Mudskipper at Funtasy Island)
(5) We control and have strict rules for the contractors/all participants of our Projects: They are not allowed to fish, collect or disturb marine life around the island.

(Signage for No Fishing)
(6) We will continue to plant more trees and corals during operation of our island. We commit to plant one tree/coral per visitor. For example, if we attract 1 million visitors per year, we will plant 1 million trees/corals on the island per year. We want to let visitors bring back happy memory by letting them be part of the eco-effort.

2. To Keep, Maintain and Promote Local Culture, (1)we give the local villagers and fishermen more opportunities to share their cultural & experience; (2)we bring in visitors and introduce them local custom, culture and tradition; (3)we let the visitor experience the life of a fisherman; (4)the local will be the visitor's tour guide; (5)we provide the locals more opportunities to earn more income; (6)the locals may provide food and handcraft as souvenir to Funtasy Island.

Photos for above activities:
(Local fisherman looking into the distance)
(Return with fruitful results)
(Net fishing)
(Fish full of baskets)
(Net fishing)
(Happy fishermen life)
(Kids enjoy the natural environment)
(Happy kid catching fish)
(Local fish market)
(Local grocery market)
(Local meat market)
(Local grocery market)
3. To Reserve and Maintain the Environment (Sustainability), we (1)work with our hotel operator; (2)work with designer & architect; (3)minimize energy consumption.
(1) Our hotel operator: We are partnership with Louvre Hotels Group who is a major player in the global hotel industry and with their experience in the industry. Funtasy Island will be elevated into a world-class international establishment, bringing visitors an unrivalled experience.

Louvre Hotels Group's Golden Tulip brand (4-star) is our hotel management company. They understand and support our eco-effort. They are glad to work hand in hand with us to promote sustainable environment. For example, we advocate and encourage zero plastics in our island.
(2) Beside that we also work closely with designer & architect to use natural material as our construction material. We work on the sustainability such as, the architect designs the roof of some villas to collect rain water, and some structures are capable to install solar panel for solar energy when the technology is mature enough to be used.
(3) Minimum energy consumption: Villa is well ventilated, thus the use of air-condition can be reduced.

Photos for above activities:
(Partnership press release: Taking care of sustainable environment)
(Built in pipes in the roof can collect rain water; Designed to be well ventilated)
4. To Promote Education for Eco-Tourism, we have different programmes.
(1) We have programmes to educate and promote eco-tourism such as coral cultivation and conservation programme, marine life conservation programme.
(2) Educational program is specially designed for both children and adults to gain more knowledge in eco-tourism.
(3) We also promote sustainable eco culture to all visitors and our staff.

Photos for above activities:
(Coral Farm and Coral Cultivation Programme)

  Descriptions Plate

For Education Purpose

(Located at White Sand Beach at Funtasy Island)
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