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Date: 22rd July 2015
Source from : straitstimes.com
Dolphin Villa ads unacceptable, says watchdog
In April, the property developer behind a Batam villa project splashed a series of print advertisements promising views of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and leaping dolphins at the residents' doorsteps.

Date: 4th Aug 2015
Source from : businesstimes.com.sg
Overseas properties, investment schemes to come under advertising guidelines
The vetting will extend to investment seminar ads and cover all media platforms, including those online

Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) had previously written to us raising 3 points of concern about our Dolphin Villa ads in the newspaper.

#1           Singapore landmarks – Marina Bay Sands (MBS) being shown in our ads
#2           7% Rent Guarantee Per Year
#3           Testimonies from an anonymous buyer

With reference to the above 3 points, Funtasy Island Development has responded to ASAS and would like to clarify as below.

#1     Singapore skyline is visible from Funtasy Island.

Funtasy Island is located 16km from Singapore and Singapore landmarks (Eg. MBS) is visible from Funtasy Island. We have informed ASAS and invited them to visit Funtasy Island. We would be glad to bring them to the spot where the photo showing Singapore skyline was taken from. We are pending confirmation from ASAS.

More picture: (Click to enlarge)


#2     7% Rental Return per year is guaranteed for 3 years.
Funtasy Island Development has noted ASAS’s feedback to include ‘for 3 years’ in our ads. We have complied with the guideline and included the words into our Dolphin Villa ads. Dolphin Villa buyers who leaseback their villas are guaranteed 7% rental return per year for 3 years.

#3     Testimony from Anonymous buyer.
Funtasy Island Development has given our buyer’s information and contact detail (with permission from our buyer) to ASAS to verify the testimony. To our knowledge, ASAS has made contact with our buyer to verify the veracity of the testimony. Keeping our client’s information confidential is of utmost importance to the company. Thus, Funtasy Island Development will not disclose the identity of our buyers without prior permission.

We hope the above clarify the issues mentioned in the article.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@funtasyisland.com if you have further enquiry.

Thank you!

- Management of Funtasy Island Development


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